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The information contained on this site is as precise as possible and the site is periodically updated. However, inexactitudes, omissions or missing information may arise. If you notice any missing information, errors or an apparent malfunction, please notify us by email at, describing the problem as precisely as possible (page posing the problem, trigger action, type of computer and browser being used, etc.).

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heaven also owns the « rights of database producers » concerned by Book III, Title IV of the Intellectual Property Code (law n° 98-536 of 1 July 1998) relating to royalties and databases.

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Please contact us by email if you require permission or information: Special conditions apply for the press.


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heaven does everything in its power to ensure information and updates on its website are accurate. Nevertheless, errors and omissions can still arise. Users should therefore ensure the exactitude of information with heaven, and alert us to any changes to the site that they think would be useful. heaven is in no way responsible for how this information is used and for any direct or indirect harm that may ensue.


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Supposing that a user or visitor wishes to set up a hyperlink to one of heaven’s websites, it is up to them to send an email to the address on the website to formulate a request for a hyperlink. heaven reserves the right to accept or refuse a hyperlink without having to justify its decision.


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No other guarantee is given to the user, upon whom the obligation to formulate their needs clearly and the duty to inform themselves is incumbent. If the information provided by heaven appears inexact, it is up to the user to proceed with any checking of the coherence or credibility of the results obtained. heaven will be in no way responsible vis à vis third parties for the use by the user of information or its absence contained in its products including one of its websites.


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