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C4 Cactus


C4 Cactus a clever digital promotional campaign. The [heaven] agency assisted [Citroën] in the construction of a program involving [influencers] and the general public that enabled Internet users to test drive the [car] for a weekend. #LoveC4Cactus, was a two-phase campaign in three countries. In France, the UK and Holland, handpicked lifestyle influencers shared their test drive with their audiences. The second phase? The general public. Internet users attempted to win a weekend test drive of the car, from the city of their choice, by submitting a wish on the dedicated website. After 1 month and 3,000 wishes for a test drive posted, 20 winners were sent out with keys in hand for an entire weekend.

  • [Automobile]
  • [Community Management]
  • [Influence]
  • [Product launches]
  • [Social Media]
  • [Websites]

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