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[heaven] assisted [Peugeot] with the launch of its new 3008 SUV. The digital agency heaven, which has assisted Peugeot in its digital strategy for several years, was selected by the prestigious brand after a call for tenders for the launch of the new Peugeot 3008 GT. The marketing plan deployed by heaven, which was particularly strategic for the brand intent on overwhelming the SUV market with its new vehicle, lasted six months, from the reveal to the consumer launch. In response to this large-scale launch, heaven developed a [digital] and [social] strategy organized into several steps. Our objective was not only to appeal to Peugeot fans, but also to reach out more broadly to the general public. The first phase of this operation was to create an event surrounding the first contact between the 4 international influencers selected for the occasion and the GT version of the Peugeot 3008; this consisted of orchestrating a giant [Unboxing] of the new vehicle. All the information, from inviting these bloggers to revealing the vehicle, was kept secret so that the impact of the surprise was felt on the day of the Unboxing. “It’s immensely pleasing to see the first component of our operation implemented,” [Arthur KANNAS], President of heaven, said. “We worked in secret for several months and are going to deliver a digital experience of epic proportions. ” “It was important for us to collaborate with real automobile influencers in order to capture and share their first impressions of our Peugeot 3008 GT. These 4 international influencers were among the first people in the world to discover our SUV, during an amazingly intense and memorable encounter,” Guillaume COUZY, Peugeot’s Marketing & Communication Director, indicated. This world exclusive was followed by a film and an interview with each influencer. You are welcome to experience this “Unboxing” of a new genre as well as the interviews by checking out the videos below.

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