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When immersion becomes a new [digital] Touchpoint: Peugeot Amplified Experience, a new [heaven]-like experience. In charge of [Peugeot]’s digital strategy for the launch of its 3008 SUV, heaven relied on an innovative approach based on [virtual reality]. With the Peugeot Amplified Experience, the digital advertising agency laid the foundation for a new relational space between the brand and its points of contact, between dealers and customers. Although heaven has assisted Peugeot with its digital strategy for many years, for the launch of the new Peugeot 3008 SUV the agency chose to start with a blank page in order to offer the Lion brand a totally innovative approach. With the Peugeot Amplified Experience, virtual reality is established as a new point of contact between the brand and its customers. In dealerships, [Samsung] Gear VR headsets become a truly helpful sales tool for the teams. Sitting at the wheel of the car, the potential customer is equipped with a virtual reality headset and, guided by a salesperson, “simulates” using the dashboard commands and the various driving aids available, such as automatic braking, park assist, etc. At home, individuals can also benefit using their own version of this novel immersive experience. Thanks to Google Cardboards, sent on request and available in 27 countries, Internet users can virtually explore the SUV down to the smallest details. This new Touchpoint will be updated regularly with new content, thus allowing aficionados to obtain information through immersion and make use of other digital components such as the Big Social Tour. Contrary to classic campaigns, the launch of the new Peugeot 3008 SUV was marked by non-stop digital exposure for the six months that separated the pre-launch reveal from the day it was available for sale. Interested Internet users could thus discover, week after week via social platforms, all the vehicle details through content that was brief and appealing. This industrial-paced content deployment – about 100 short films in all – was made possible thanks to an ad hoc production team and the recycling of existing Peugeot content. This Big Social Tour was made after the first phase of the digital and social strategy deployed for the launch of the new Peugeot vehicle: the [Big Unboxing]. This initiative (introduced in the first quarter of 2016) enabled four international influencers to discover the vehicle by orchestrating a world-exclusive giant “Unboxing”.

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