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Cookie policy

The heaven website uses cookies to improve the service for users. Information relating to the definition of cookies, the type of cookies used, how to deactivate them and how to stop third parties from installing them are available below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that certain websites install on your computer or phone. They collect information about users while they visit sites. For example, a site can display services and content for regular users that corresponds to their browsing habits, or for e-commerce sites, their current shopping bag, etc.

Type of cookies

Browsing the Website implies consent to the installation of the following cookie types:

Analysis cookies

These cookies, processed by heaven or by third parties, help quantify the number of visitors and provide statistical analysis of how our site is used. This helps us analyze browsing on our site and optimize it according to the actual needs of users.

Customization cookies

These cookies, processed by heaven or by third parties, save users’ preferences about certain tools or services so the user doesn’t need to reconfigure them every time they visit our website. They are also used by programs that try to geolocate your computer, smartphone, tablet or smart TV.

Advertising cookies

These cookies, processed by heaven or by third parties, help effectively manage advertising space on the website by adapting ad content to the content of the requested service or how the user uses our website. These cookies give us information about users’ browsing habits, meaning we can offer advertising that is relevant to their browsing profile.

Other third party cookies

Some of our pages may contain third party cookies that help these organizations manage and improve the services they offer. For example, links to social media for sharing content.

Configuring cookie

preferences If a user wants to change how cookies are configured on their browser, they can do so by configuring their options. If a user wants to refuse the use of cookies, the use of some services may be limited.

Users can find information about how to modify the cookie policy of various Internet browsers on the following pages:

If using Google Chrome, go to the Tools menu and select Options (Preferences on Mac), followed by Advanced, then Content Configuration in the Confidentiality section, then tick Cookies in the Content Configuration dialog box.
If using Firefox for Mac, in the Preferences menu select Confidentiality, then go to the Show Cookies section;
if using Firefox for Windows, go to the Tools menu, select Options, go to Confidentiality, then Show Cookies.
If using Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to the See menu option, select Internet Options and then go to Advanced Options.
If using Safari, go to the Safari menu option, select Confidentiality, go to Security, then Show Cookies.
If using Netscape, go to the Edit menu option, select Preferences and then go to the Advanced category.

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